Catch Paste From Word WYMEditor

Catch Paste From Word WYMEditor – I’m trying to improve usability and user-friendliness of the WYMeditor. I need catch all paste command hover the editor like ‘CTRL+V’ and call automatically the paste dialog. Actually, it was a part of my tasks. I just want to keep it up as documentation or share it on my blog. Maybe it can helps some people who do the same task as mine. I have did some search on Google and found a nice forum disccuss about it. Here is the forum:

But when I tried to implement the code on my page, my page was got weird and got some error notices too. I tried to find out the errors. And It looked like it was because I used different WYMeditor version on my page.

On this time, I use the newest version of WYMEditor (WYMeditor 1.0). and the API documentation is here

1. First of all, I need to install a jquery plugin to catch all command paste. So here we will use jquery-hotkeys.js . Please install this jquery plugin first.

2. Write a plugin to catch all paste command hover the editor.


3. Call the new plugin on where you instance the WYMEditor


4. And finally, Custom the original WYMeditor paste plugin

That’s all the easy code that I have done for my task. I hope it can helps the other. And please leave a comment if you think this information is useful.

Thank you 🙂

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